Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300
Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300
Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300
Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300
Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300
Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300

Solar Generator - Powerhouse 300

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The At Large Energy, Powerhouse 300 solar generator combines 300 watts of pure household power (220Vac), with a substantial 346 watt hour battery, to provide ample power on demand, in something that is still portable, weighing in at just 5 kg. Furthermore all At Large Energy solar generators can be charged from their recommended solar panel. Meaning no more petrol or diesel generators.

The Powerhouse 300 is constructed with a tough aluminum alloy body, and uses a high capacity 11.1v/31.2Ah (346Wh) Lithium-Ion battery pack to provide long battery life and capacity.

With a 300 watt ultra pure sine wave inverter, you can enjoy an incredibly clean 300 watts of household power on demand for powering a cabin or tiny house, your whole families camping trip, for use in an emergency or power-cut, powering medial equipment, and powering tools when on a building site without power.  

Power laptops and computers, fans, camping T.V.s, camping refrigerators, printers and any device or appliance that draws up to 300 watts.

In an emergency or power-cut, power your electric garage door, gas hot water system, security system, computers, satellite phones, radios, and any other essential devices without noise, fumes or flammable liquids. 

Backed by a 24 month warranty, and only using highest quality components, this Powerhouse 300 solar generator is truly your reliable off grid / backup power solution. 


  • 4 x USB 5V (3A Max)
  • 2 x DC12V (8A Max)
  • 2 x 300 Watt 220Vac (household output) Pure SineWave.
  • Total output of 300 watts combined. 

NOTE: Universal 3 pin plug for AC output

You can recharge the Solar Generator using any of the below methods.

  • Household wall socket
  • Recommended At Large Energy 90w solar panel.
  • Any solar panel 18vdc - 30vdc (5A Max)
  • Mini wind or water turbine 18vdc - 30vdc (5A Max) 

    NOTE: You can charge and use simultaneously.


    Size - 31cm wide / 23cm high / 12cm deep
    Weight - 5kg
    Charge Time - 5.5-7 hours using supplied adapter
    Battery Type - Li-ion 18650
    Battery Capacity: 346Wh or 96,600mAh/3.7V or 11.1v/31.2Ah
    Battery Cycles: >800 times (Capacity >80%)
    AC Output - 300 (Peak 600) watts, 220V
    AC Waveform - Pure SineWave
    Number of AC outputs - 2 universal ports (300w Max)
    DC output  - 2 ports ,12V (8A Max)
    USB output - 4 ports , 5V (3A Max)
    DC input - DC 15Vdc-30Vdc/5A (adapter supplied)
    Solar panel input - 18Vdc-30Vdc (5A Max) 
    Working temp - negative 10c - 65c
    Short circuit protection, over-charge protection, overheat protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection


    1 * DC 15V/5A Charger (similar to laptop charger)
    1 * Micro USB cord
    1 * 12v to Car charger adapter
    4 * Fuse's

    Optional 90w solar panel from At Large Energy