At Large Audio

Our sister company, At Large Audio provides handcrafted portable audio solutions for people who really value their sound quality.  The company believes that people should be able to listen to the music they love, at the quality and volume that they want - wherever they are. These sound systems are perfect for events needing a hi-fi audio set up or a special occasion that requires a stylish unit.

Vintage or retro suitcases (which make awesome sound enclosures) are used to house home audio quality speakers. Then batteries, Bluetooth and amplifiers are installed to make portable sound systems with real punch.

At Large Audio's sound systems are all battery powered and solar compatible. As a result of the teams' passion for renewable energy and desire to promote the freedom this resource provides, At Large Energy was born. We believe people can live their lives away from the main power grid and have a damn good time while doing it!

Check out these sound systems at and get in touch anytime to arrange a sound test! 



At Large Audio

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