Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000
Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000
Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000
Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000
Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000
Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000

Solar Generator - Powerhouse - 1000

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The largest of the At Large Energy solar generator range. The Powerhouse 1000 provides you with ample power on demand, in something that is still portable, weighing in at just 11.5 kg. Furthermore all At Large Energy solar generators can be charged from their recommended solar panel. Meaning no more petrol or diesel generators.

The Powerhouse 1000 is constructed with a tough aluminum alloy body, and uses a high capacity 25.9v/39Ah (1010Wh) Lithium-Ion battery pack to provide long battery life and capacity.

With a 1000 watt ultra pure sine wave inverter, you can enjoy an incredibly clean 1000 watts of household power on demand for powering a cabin or tiny house, your whole families camping trip, for use in an emergency or power-cut, powering medial equipment, and powering tools when on a building site without power.  

Power laptops and computers, fans, T.V.s, refrigerators, printers and any device or appliance that draws up to 1000 watts.

In an emergency or power-cut, power your electric garage door, gas hot water system, security system, computers, satellite phones, radios, and any other essential devices without noise, fumes or flammable liquids. 

Backed by a 24 months warranty, and only using the highest quality components, this Powerhouse 1000 solar generator is truly your reliable off grid / backup power solution. 


  • 4 x USB 5V (3A Max)
  • 2 x DC12V (8A Max)
  • 2 x 1000 Watt 220v (household) Pure SineWave.
  • Total output of 1000 watts combined. 

NOTE: Universal 3 pin plugs are included as output plugs.

You can recharge the Solar Generator using any of the below methods.

  • Household wall socket 
  • Recommended At Large Energy 100w solar panel.
  • Any solar panel 32v - 45v (8A Max) 
  • Mini wind or water turbine (32v - 45v (8A Max)

    NOTE: You can charge and use simultaneously.


    Size - width 41cm / height 27cm / depth 17cm
    Weight - 11.5kg
    Charge Time - 5.5 - 7 hours using supplied adapter
    Battery Type - Li-ion 18650
    Battery Capacity: 1101Wh or 273,000mAh/3.7V
    Battery Cycles: >= 800 times (Capacity >80%)
    AC Output - 1000 watts, 220V
    AC Waveform - Pure SineWave
    Number of AC outputs - 2 universal ports (1000w Max)
    DC output  - 2 ports ,12V (8A Max)
    USB output - 4 ports , 5V (3A Max)
    DC input - DC 32V/8A (adapter supplied)
    Solar panel input - 32-45v (8A Max) 
    Working temp - -10c - 65c
    Short circuit protection, over-charge protection, overheat protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection


    1 * DC 32V/8A Charger (similar to laptop charger)
    1 * Micro USB cord
    1 * 12v to Car charger adapter

    Optional 100 watt solar panel from At Large Energy